Highly functional products and application-specific solutions made from wheat.

When it comes to the development and production of wheat-based products, C&D Corrugating & Paper and C&D Technical Applications offer a high degree of technical expertise for a wide variety of industries. With highly functional products and application-specific solutions, C&D Corrugating & Paper and C&D Technical Applications optimise the end-consumer products of industrial customers or create added value in their production.

C&D Corrugating & Paper

  • Considerable industrial competence
  • Great experience and knowledge
    • in the development of wheat starch-based, high-performance adhesives for corrugated board production
    • in the design of adhesive preparation systems
    • in the production of special starches for paper production

C&D Technical Applications

  • Considerable industrial competence
  • Extensive experience in the development of highly functional wheat-based products
  • In-depth knowledge in the conception of industry-specific solutions
  • Holistic consulting and competent support during the innovation process
  • Wide-ranging applications for our products, e.g. in pelletising, briquetting and compacting

C&D Corrugating & Paper

From the power of starch.

C&D Corrugating & Paper is a specialist for wheat starch-based adhesive concepts. For more than 30 years, we have been developing and producing high-performance adhesives for the corrugated board industry that contribute to the cost-efficient manufacturing of high-quality corrugated board.

In order to do this, we actively support our customers and provide advice throughout the entire corrugated board manufacturing process.

C&D Technical Applications

Visions from wheat.

The functionality of our natural raw material means that C&D Technical Applications is able to offer tailor-made and solution-oriented products to our customers in the processing sectors. Working closely with our customers, we develop sustainable solutions for optimised, economically feasible end product manufacturing.

The applications are multiple: Innovations from C&D Technical Applications help with pelletising, briquetting and compacting, for example.