We work with the customer to develop an adhesive concept that is tailored to him. From the analysis of the current situation and implementation of the high performance adhesive through to the service, we are always at our customers’ side.

From the idea through to the tailored product.

Every customer relationship starts with an analysis of the current situation. Our application technicians jointly develop options with our customers aimed at optimising production results in relation to their objectives and the technical conditions found at the corrugated board plant. This is the basis on which we develop a customised adhesive solution for the customer and his requirements.

Even after the optimum high-performance adhesive has been introduced into the customer’s production process, our application technicians will provide training sessions and further consultancy services to ensure that the required performance can be maintained on a permanent basis. And with agencies in Germany, France, Spain and the UK, as well as additional application technicians in Europe, we are available on site everywhere.

Comprehensive application consultancy on-site.

Analysis of the current situation.

Our application technician reviews the process sequences in corrugated board manufacturing and the technical aspects of the corrugated board plant. The adhesive solution takes into account potential improvement opportunities.

Setting of objectives: The analysis of the current situation forms the basis for individually defining the customer requirements with respect to process optimisation, increasing productivity, reducing wste, optimising corrugated board quality and adhesive usage as well as any other special requirements.

Product selection: The optimal product is selected from the C&D Corrugating & Paper range or developed specifically for our customer’s unique requirements based on the analysis of the current situation and defined objectives.

Trial period.

The suitability of the selected product for your corrugated board plant is assessed in a short test. The results are evaluated by our application technicians and discussed with the customer. In the subsequent long-term test with the new adhesive, the manufacturing process is optimised to attain the defined objectives.

Training sessions.

The plant operating personnel are familiarised with the new product in a course of intensive training sessions. In addition to this, we also offer training sessions on request on adhesive and corrugated board production, carried out either in our facility or on site.

Service visits.

Our application technician will make regular customer visits to inspect the entire corrugated board manufacturing process: Are there deviations regarding the target values? Are there any irregularities? Is a response required regarding customer modifications? Our application technicians will demonstrate opportunities for possible adjustments and improvements and summarise them in a visit report.

C&D Corrugating & Paper consulting expertise.

  • Integrated application technology consultancy
  • On-site analysis of the current situation
  • Support for customers during the introduction phase of the high performance adhesive
  • Regular service visits by our application technicians to check process sequences
  • Detailed visit reports

C&D Corrugating & Paper service expertise.

  • Experienced application technicians in corrugated board production
  • Technical service fro guaranteed results
  • Training sessions for operating staff in adhesive use in production in the corrugated board facility
  • Speedy local service throughout Europe

Your local partners.

Consultation and service are best and most efficient when provided directly on site.

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