C&D Corrugating & Paper offers comprehensive support in the use of native starch for paper manufacturing.

Starches for optimum paper quality.

C&D Corrugating & Paper speciality starches make the paper firmer during manufacture and printable by means of sizing. We improve the paper quality with targeted use of starch. Our knowledge of application technology and the many years of experience in this sector guarantee that our customers receive efficient and customised solutions for their paper production.

C&D Corrugating & Paper Speciality Starches.

Speciality starches as an aqueous suspension or powder for the manufacture of paper:

  • Increased paper CMT value, bursting strength, pick strength and stiffness.
  • Improved paper surface and printability.
  • Suitable for surface sizing both in a batch or jet cooker system.
  • As a spray starch between layers of paper and prior to drying.

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