With innovative products, broad knowledge and comprehensive advice, C&D Technical Applications is increasing the production efficiency and product quality in many industries in the non-food sector.

Products and solutions for multiple applications.

C&D Technical Applications is the manufacturer of highly functional wheat-based products for technical applications. Working closely with our customers, we develop sustainable solutions for optimised, economically feasible end product manufacturing. The possible uses are as efficient as they are diverse: Innovations from C&D Technical Applications help with pelletising, briquetting and compacting, for example.

Product applications for numerous sectors.

Due to our long-standing relationships we enjoy the confidence of our customers in respect for our advice and cooperation. We are partners in dialogue for a number of industries: building materials, paints and varnishes, furniture, metal working, fuels, waste management & recycling, textiles and chemicals.

C&D Technical Applications products for the construction materials industry.

  • Insulation boards
  • Acoustic boards
  • Plasterboard
  • Mortar + adhesive
  • Aerated concrete
  • in drywall construction and
  • the building trade
Our starch-based technical additives are used in a wide range of applications in the construction materials industry. This is where we exploit the multiple binding, filling and adhesive properties of starch as well as its water retention capacity.

In insulation boards and acoustic ceiling panels our additives combine high stability with light weight.

Our high-performance additives are used in the formulation of ready-mixed mortars, plasters and adhesives for the optimisation of their rheological properties. They thus ensure easy and versatile process ability of end products. Rheology is permanently improved with the use of C&D Technical Applications products, and aligned to customer needs. This can have a positive impact on the time within which materials must be processed (open time or pot life).

C&D Technical Applications products for the paints and coatings industry.

Modified starch is used as a binding agent in clay paints to reduce chalking and to control water retention capacity.

In emulsion paints our additives have a rheological function. This optimises the consistency of the paint, making it easy to apply without running.

C&D Technical Applications Products for the furniture industry.

  • Lightweight boards
  • Plywood panels
  • OSB boards
  • in shipbuilding
  • in motor homes or caravans
  • in drywall construction
In the furniture industry, we use our starches to support the development of low-weight yet very strong materials.

Whether in shipbuilding, motor homes or caravans – there is demand for materials that are low in thickness and weight. Our starches are optimum in the manufacture of plywood board designs, chipboard (OSB board) or fibreboards (MDF/HDF).

The filling and stabilising properties of our C&D Technical Applications products also increase performance in combination with other binding systems, for example those based on synthetic resins.

C&D Technical Applications products for the metal-processing industry.

  • Foundry aggregates
  • Mould sand binders
  • Feeder systems and die covers
  • in recycling and treatment of metal dusts,
  • in the processing of filter dusts, clinkers and other furnace remnants,
  • as a binder for high quality foundry aggregates.

Our starch achieves excellent results in mould sand stabilisation when combined with certain bentonites. By cushioning the quartz expansion, the starch helps to prevent casting defects such as veining.

In the manufacture of feeders and covers, our starch ensures:

  • high green and final strengths
  • shape retention
  • dimensional stability
  • good insulation properties coupled with low weight
  • support of exothermic reactions

As a binder, our starch simplifies the compacting of

  • dusts and filter dusts
  • recyclable materials
  • ores
  • hazardous waste
  • metal powders
  • aggregates (FeSi, SiC, metal oxides, slag builders)

the processing and re-use of remnants and recyclable materials.

C&D Technical Applications products for the fuel industry.

  • wood pellets
  • barbecue briquettes
  • vegetable carbon
  • mineral carbon
  • bran pellets
  • as a binder when briquetting
  • compacting
  • pelletising

Our product burn in an environmentally-friendly way and are CO2-neutral as well as low in odour and smoke.

C&D Technical Applications products in vegetable carbon, mineral carbon, wood pellets, brand pellets

  • extend die stability in the pellet presses
  • reduce pellet abrasion, prevent dust formation and thus blockages in conveyors systems
  • ensure exceptional briquette strength

C&D Technical Applications products in barbecue briquettes

  • prevent harmful combustion products
  • provide a lasting glow for extended barbecue enjoyment
  • produce little smoke when they are lit

Slag adhesion us reduced.

Minimal ash proportion.

C&D Technical Applications products for the waste and recycling industry.

  • filter dusts
  • grinding slurry
  • production dusts
  • foundry aggregates
  • recycled cardboard
  • organic raw materials
  • in waste paper processing and
  • processing of filter dusts,clinkers and other furnace remnants
Our products help to stabilise recycled cardboard and recycled paper and make processing waste flows easier.

It is only through the bonding strength of starch products from C&D Technical Applications that materials which previously ended up as waste are now economically recoverable.

In some cases their use in subsequent processes is only made possible through compaction with environmentally sustainable binding agents.

C&D Technical Applications products for the textiles industry.

  • laundry starch
  • spray starch

Our solutions for the textile industry comprise combinations of starches and additives as dry products or suspensions.

They help to maintain the finish of textiles in laundries, particularly through the smoothing of the surface and enhancing sheen.

C&D Technical Applications Products for the chemical industry.

  • rheological additives
  • adhesives
  • co-binder systems
  • fertiliser systems
  • ecological pesticides
Our C&D Technical Applications additives find virtually unlimited application in the chemical industry.

They are often used in combination with other components and co-binder systems to take into account chemical interactions and to undertake defined functions (for example in conjunction with cellulose fibres or cellulose ethers).

In many cases our starch, a binding agent made from renewable raw materials, can progressively replace synthetic polymer emulsions in formulations either partially or completely.

In the consumer sector our starch is used in glue sticks for use in hobbies, offices and schools.

C&D Technical Applications additives also also play a significant role as a binder in the granulation or agglomeration of fertilisers for agriculture and forestry.

Biodegradable crop protection products, for example home and garden products for moss control and algicides, as well as in extensive monocultures.

Cost-effective and sustainable production.

C&D Technical Applications solutions have a big impact on end-product quality and plant productivity. Furthermore, there is the possibility to reduce the energy consumption required and waste. Our product solutions often enable us to positively influence various factors in the customer’s production.


The functional characteristics of our wheat.based products can increase the quality of the end product. There are many opportunities here, because every constituent part of the wheat has its own properties and potential applications.

Production capacity.

Production capacity can be increased by use of high-quality natural raw materials thus optimising the composition of the product components.

Product yield.

The end-consumer product’s yield can be increased by using highly functional wheat-based products and optimised processes.

Energy use.

Well-controlled production processes, combined with ideally adjusted raw materials components help to reduce specific energy consumption.

Environmental compatibility.

End products can be made more sustainable and energy consumption can be reduced through the substitution or reduction of chemical constituents.


In many cases cost-effectiveness can be increased or sometimes only made possible by the replacement of high-priced constituents and an optimisation of production processes.

Easy handling.

Our high-performance additives, for example, provide versatile processability of end products e.g. in the paints and coatings sector.


If you like to find out more about the possibilities of C&D Technical Applications, simply drop us a line or give us a call.

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